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Deployment Support

Our solutions deployment service allows us to install the software product on your network, configure it correctly for operation and setup your Clinic requirements.


Cohesion Medical's software is intended to be hosted on-premise and deployed behind your firewall and integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure, giving you complete control over how you set up and manage your environment. This provides you with the benefits of low initial investment and low infrastructure requirements.


Deployment Process
The deployment process provides you the choice of the network topology that meets your organization's reliability, scalability and accessibility requirements as well as integration with your organization's existing server technologies and applications. Our deployment process entails the following steps;


  • Plan - Conduct strategic IT planning that accelerates progress toward your clinical and operational goals to achieve maximum value from your software investment.
  • Install - Install your software product on your network web server (or single desktop) environment efficiently and cost effectively, reducing conflicts and expensive time delays.
  • Configure - Configure the software product and setup clinic instances in accordance with your licence agreement and support requirements.



System Technical Requirements
The software is installed on a web hosting server running over a network and multiple users can access it via an appropriate web-browser installed on their computer. At the server-level, the software application runs on Microsoft IIS installed on any Windows Servers (2003, 2007, 2008+) with Microsoft SQL Server providing data storage. Frontend technology is delivered via (X)HTML and JavaScript while backend functionality is provided by Microsoft .Net 2.0, .Net 4.0 and WCF. At the user-level, the database is accessible to any normal desktop/laptop/tablet based machine with any Operating System (such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7+, MacOS, Linux etc.) and a modern graphical browser installed (such as Firefox10+, Chrome3+, IE8 etc).



Server Application Manager
In order to facilitate optimal performance of our applications, we offer our Cohesion Server Application Manager as a server platform to allows us to manage our software applications installed on your server. This brings you several benefits;

  • Ability to customize and extend the capabilities of your software solution
  • Control over usage and maintenance costs
  • Ability to optimize performance with servers
  • Immediate account access
  • Low IT management requirement
  • Fast deployment
  • System integration
  • Custom real-time reporting


Single Desktop Setup
In some single-user cases, the software application also has the setup option to be installed and configured for a single desktop using its own built-in web server software. This option should not be confused with the advised network server environment during the software installation process.


Product Activation
Our software will not operate without activation. You need to be online when you install and license your software. The software alerts you if you need to make an Internet connection for a license status check. When you buy a software product from Cohesion Medical, you are issued a serial number that represents your license to use that software. Activation is the process by which Cohesion Medical validates that your software and serial number are genuine and being used as allowed by your product license agreement. It is intended to protect both your rights as a consumer and Cohesion Medical's rights as a software developer.