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Solutions Showcase

An investment in Cohesion Medical's software solutions offer several key returns to the clinical users as well as healthcare strategists alike.


The Solutions Showcase is dedicated to demonstrating the innovative ideas and collaborative efforts of our powerful partnerships with clients where we work with clients to understand their clinical challenges and identify ways in which we can help them meet their goals.



ShowCase #1 Specialist Psoriasis Clinic Database for Glasgow Western Infirmary, GG&C Health Board (NHS Scotland)

Cohesion Medical have designed a Psoriasis Clinic Database which is being used clinically at the Dermatology Department, Glasgow Western Infirmary by Professor Burden and his team to improve Patient-Treatment Outcomes and further clinical research in psoriasis.


Since deploying our software solution, the clinic's consultants have been able to use the application for in-clinic purposes including fast data-entry consultations with patients and immediate data history viewing with graphical information display and many easy to use features. Staff can use the application at any time, regardless of location. Satellite clinic administration of patient records which was considerable is therefore virtually eliminated. This has lowered the hospital administration costs considerably.


The NHS IT Applications Team (Alba House, Stobhill Hospital) have been technically impressed with the system while GWI and Professor Burden are extremely happy with its clinical features. At present, the system has been actively used since 2009 and currently has over 1000+ patient records on it for the clinical diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with psoriasis disease/conditions.


ShowCase #2 Specialist Melanoma Clinic Database for UK Health Screening Services


A medical software application, "MelaCal", was designed for the medical diagnosis of melanoma skin cancers. This software was sold under licence to a London-based business offering national health screening services. The software has been used by Specialist Clinic Nurses and BUPA.