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Efficient Health Management

With our solutions, healthcare management is made more efficient through integrated clinical-management operations and reduced direct costs and lowered overheads.


Cohesion Medical delivers efficient health management to ensure least health cost impact on overall budgets and best possible treament outcomes.


Improved Patient Management

The clinic's consultants have been able to use the application for in-clinic purposes including fast data-entry consultations with patients and immediate data history viewing with graphical information display and many easy to use features. Staff can use the application at any time, regardless of location. With our solutions, we try to achieve greater collaboration between patient and clinic. This involves keeping the patient regularly updated with his prognosis on one side and making it easier for him to consult, report and feedback to clinic on a very regular basis in the most cost effective manner on the other. The applications are primarily designed for interactive clinic patient consultations and not just as a passive 'reference' system. The display of graphical Treatment-Outcomes and the use of "Quick-Consult" provides clinicians as well as for patients as visual feedback on the management of their disease giving positive patient response benefits. The software thus enhances clinical decision-making and improves the effectiveness of patient treatments.


Evidence-Based Treatment Management

The main benefits of these applications are that they provide legally/regulatory requirements for electronic record-keeping of treatments combined with "intelligent analysis of treatment-outcomes". As such, the software is designed to reduce the usage of expensive treatments where no clinical benefit is shown, as an example in some cases this may save the NHS millions of pounds per clinic/healthboard by switching from DrugA to DrugB. This facilitates the cost-effectiveness management of pharmaceuticals by pharmacists.


Multi-Clinic Setup

The software applications are designed to allow multiple Clinic setups with each clinic  locally administered and managed independently with their own data protected. The system can be used as a clinic-wide networked installation allowing multiple users access at multiple consulting rooms or offices. The Transfers section allows a "joined-up" approach to the clinical management of Patient Records. Users can easily transfer/refer patients between clinics  and back again for consultations. "Ghost Patients" can be created to allow clinics to retain copies of patient record details. The Incident section is designed to allow users to report specific incidents relating to the treatment of patients. This section allows user to record an "Internal Incident" and share this "note" on concerns with other users within  the same clinic or shared with all other clinics in a multiclinic setup. The Resources section provides users with a "common access point" to standardised resources and clinic information such as Patient Assessment Sheets (PAS). Users can also download patient information sheets and other literature added to the system. The system contains an integrated message centre to allow communication between Clinics and any National Centre, thus improving relationships and informing users of important notices.


National Collated Data Views

A National Psoriasis Data View can collate all data from each clinic to provide  "live" overall statistics on the treatment of psoriasis patients. There is the potential to provide regional and/or a national and integrated database system.


Technology Infrastructure

The database has been developed as n-tier scalable solution based on a web-based client-server technology framework. The whole system can be run from the current server infrastructure using permissioned firewall access for clinics on the NHS network. We have developed a proprietary "Cohesion Manager" platform which serves as a Server Applications Manager in order that there is greater monitoring and management of server services to ensure a higher level of service in terms of database delivery to users. The application uses Cohesion Medical's proprietary "Vibe Engine" technology and thus has a generic platform making it a highly modular, flexible and scalable solution. If required any legacy system data can be imported from other clinics and older databases.