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Patient Engagement Tools

Cohesion Medical offers various technology tools that can be used as means to engage patients in the clinical process in order to deliver benefits of an integrated approach and improve responses to treatment.


Patient engagement can be achieved in several ways using various communication devices. Our technology platforms allow the patient to become involved in the clinical process. This is achieved through designing plug-in software modules and by implementing mobile technology at the server.



Clinic "Kiosks"
Allow patients in the waiting room to edit and update their own personal information via a Patient Login screen on a Clinic Kiosk, or portable screen device. In this way, patients are more engaged and empowered to submit and complete the following tasks;

  • Patient Personal Information - Manage contact details.
  • Outcome Scores - Submit a simplified score.
  • Life Quality Indices - Submit a daily living quality index survey.
  • Genetics - Submit their family history details.
  • Sociography - Submit their social, relationship and employment status.
  • Nutrition Studies - Submit their nutritional eating habits survey/study.
  • Activity Studies - Submit their activity levels survey/study.
  • Psychological Studies - Submit their mental health impact survey/study.



SMS Reminders/Alerts
Patients can be sent Email & SMS reminder notifications and alerts for upcoming clinic visit dates and times. This would increase the efficiency of clinics and reduce wasted resources on non-attendance. Such systems are now common-place in Dental and GP practices.



Mobile App
A small mobile version of the database can be designed to work in the same manner as "Mobile Apps". This can be designed to integrate with the database in order to provide Patients with appointments information and also allow them to update their details and submit data as above. This technology is deliverable but requires further security considerations for communicating personal and clinical data over unsecured wireless networks. Recent advances in secure networks for mobile banking applications prove that this is now practical.