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Data Management Systems

Cohesion Medical's data management services are designed to deliver data integration, connectivity and communication with pre-existing installed patient management software and your own clinic-specific databases.


Whatever your data management requirements, our services can connect you to your data through the latest information systems technology. We can design and build data management systems that transforms your clinical data into useful and usable information.


Data Management Systems
Cohesion Medical's data management systems are based on proven web-based client-server technology framework. All our applications are designed as n-tier scalable solutions based on proven web-based client-server technology framework.


In the general case, the database is installed on a web hosting server running over a network and multiple users can access it via an appropriate web-browser installed on their computer. At the server-level, the software application runs on Microsoft IIS installed on any Windows Servers (2003, 2007, 2008+) with Microsoft SQL Server providing data storage. The whole system can be run from the current server infrastructure using permissioned firewall access for clinics on the NHS network.


Frontend technology is delivered via (X)HTML and JavaScript while backend functionality is provided by Microsoft .Net 2.0, .Net 4.0 and WCF. At the user-level, the database is accessible to any normal desktop/laptop/tablet based machine with any Operating System (such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7+, MacOS, Linux etc.) and a modern graphical browser installed (such as Firefox10+, Chrome3+, IE8 etc). In certain cases, the software application also has the setup option to be configured for a desktop in a single-user environment.


Data Integration
A very important aspect of our software system is to in ensure the application's integration with existing systems used by the organisation in order to have users share and use data with full efficiency. Cohesion Medical's software is designed with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) which allows compatability and communication with currently installed software systems. As such it is able to integrate to any specific software such Patient Management Systems (PMS), SCI Store and other appointments systems such as TrakCare.


Data Migration
If required any legacy system data can be imported from other clinics and older databases.