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Infrastructure Partners

Our Infrastructure Partners are the providers of the secure network technology that deliver Cohesion Medical solutions to our clinical clients.


We believe our infrastructure partnerships are fundamental to the delivery of secure 'end to end' ICT solutions for our clinical end-users. To this end, we have developed strong relationships with NHS IT Services to ensure the network remains operational and nonstop access to communications.


By using the NHS Networks, we can harness several benefits;

Reduce costs and confusion by standardising design.
Flexible architecture to ensure easy migration as the organisation grows.
Improves WAN Performance through the use of application optimisation.
Seamless support for quick deployment of wired & wireless network access.
Secure Network Infrastructure provides data and information protection.

As many Service Providers recognize they lack skills required to implement an effective network and security policy we offer in-depth technical support to our Infrastructure Partners.


Cohesion Medical holds the highest levels of accreditation with the following market leading vendors and manufacturers. We pride ourselves on implementing the best technology sourced from the world's leading manufacturers such as Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Our technology supports transparent, highly secure, reliable access to any resource, from any location, using any device, allowing organisations to build a long term strategic plan for their network.


Our solutions and relationship with our Infrastructure Partners enable you to recognize a return on investment and experience network efficiency.

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