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Subscription Plans

Our Subscription Plan is a more flexible way to get all the features of our specialist clinical software with full support at an affordable annual cost.


Subscription Plans gives you ongoing access to the clinical software for a low annual fee, as well as access to all upgrades and future versions with complete on-going support at no additional charge as long as your subscription remains active. Subscription pricing varies by product edition, licence agreement, and country.



Subscription Benefits

The subscription-based plan is a good option if you want to access all the features and applications of our specialist clinical software but with a smaller initial financial outlay and at an affordable cost.


  • Viable - no large start-up costs
  • Affordable - low annual pricing
  • Highly flexible - adapts readily to changing practices
  • Very scalable - expanding easily to accommodate growth
  • More intuitive - end users can do things that used to require a programmer
  • Consolidates information - providing more visibility across the organisation
  • Streamlines processes - frees up staff and resources
  • Enhances communication - more collaboration amongst staff
  • Risk management - reliable data backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Real-time information - make decisions faster.



Software Products

The subscription plan is available for all Specailist Clinical Software products derived from our Clinical Collaboration Suite. Includes access to all applications from our Clinical Collaboration Suite. Cohesion Medical products are not sold but rather, copies of Cohesion products are licensed all the way through the distribution channel to the end user. Please be careful to read the terms and and conditions of the applicable Software License Agreement (SLA) for the software you want to use.

Full edition included with the following features;

  • Treatment/Outcomes
  • Freedom Of Information Searches
  • Studies and Research
  • Audits and Reports
  • Multi-Clinics Setup.


Support Services

The subscription plan includes a Service Licence Agreement (SLA) delivering full responsive support covering the following services;


  • Deployment Support - Setup, configure and roll-out services.
  • Product Support - Quarterly Updates, Upgrades and Feature Requests.
  • User Support - Assistance with features and functions.
  • Technical Support - Consultancy and assistance to your IT staff.
  • Learning Support - Access to learning resources.


Make An Enquiry

Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. We are happy to provide an initial estimate to provide some grounding for further discussion. We then work closely with our clients to identify and agree a viable plan to realise the full potential of our solutions in your clinical environment. At this point we will provide a formal quotation for the agreed specifications.