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August 31, 2016 - Cohesion Medical Third Connected Caring Communities Workshop


Life Changes Trust 2

Cohesion to Visit Gie it Laldy Next Week

The Cohesion Team is getting ready for our visit to Gie it Laldy next week, where we will join the team to speak to group participants as we continue to gather information for our Connected, Caring Communities project.

Two of the team went to Kilmarnock for a short visit yesterday and got to meet people who attend the group every week.  We're all looking forward going along to such a vibrant venue with an amazing atmosphere.


CCC Workshop 2

Sporting Memories Workshop


Gie it Laldy aims to facilitate conversations and connections through musical themed memory activities and will allow many more people living with dementia, carers, family members and participants to come together for companionship, entertainment and community in a positive and supportive setting.
















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