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August 8, 2015 - Disciplined Entrepreneurship - SCALE Scotland

Cohesion Medical attends SCALE Scotland at the University of Stirling



For a week at the University of Stirling, Euan Cameron the founder and CEO of Cohesion Medical attended the Scotland Can Do SCALE event for Entrepreneurs "not afraid of heights".


The week long event brought together entrepreneurs across Scotland with leading academics in enterpreneurship and successful mentors across industries to focus minds and foster relationships.


There was much learning and networking during the week which encouraged Scotland's entrepreneurial cohorts to work closer together.


Euan was impressed with the week and commented, "The learning from Bill Aulet from MIT and the seminars on Disciplined Entrepreneurship provided great insights and motivation for developing global ambitions. I found the networking opportunities also valuable in connecting me to other like-minded individuals to share experiences and strategise our challenges ahead."


Following the course, a drawing was done to summarise the differences between SMEs and IDEs in terms of global ambitions and what it takes to SCALE your business in Scotland.












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