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April 27, 2014 - Open Glasgow - Hackathon #3 Health

Open Glasgow sets up its Hackathon #3 Health at the HUB and Cohesion Medical were there watching events unfold in an exciting and furious 48-hours of ideas inspiration and sleep deprivation.

Although health in Scotland has improved over the last century, Glasgow still faces serious health challenges.


Scientists have given it a name: the 'Glasgow effect'. Life expectancy at birth is the lowest in the UK - a reality that poverty, diet, drinking, crime or other behaviours cannot fully explain.


This event will bring together a diverse mix of people from a range of backgrounds to explore how technology and open data could improve life in Glasgow in the future.







Health in the future city


With more than half of the world's population now living in urban areas, how can we make cities better places to live and work?


In 2012, the Technology Strategy Board aimed to answer this question. It invited 50 cities to show how integrated systems - for transport, energy, waste, governance etc - would work more effectively. This would not only be good for cities but represents an enormous business opportunity.


29 cities were awarded £50k each to develop feasibility studies. Glasgow was then awarded £24m to create a Future Cities Demonstrator, putting plans for integrating services into effect on a scale not seen before in the UK.





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