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December 16, 2016 - Film Crew at Cohesion to Discuss Innovation in Healthcare

Film Crew at Cohesion to Discuss Innovation in Healthcare

Cohesion Medical had a film crew at the Hub yesterday where CEO Euan Cameron and the Scottish Government's Head of Healthcare and Innovations, Andrew Fowlie, spoke about the crucial role technology will play in the future of health and social care in Scotland.

Andrew spoke about the work of the Healthcare Innovation Partnership, who are trying to help bridge the gap between industry and the NHS in Scotland.  He also spoke of the importance of co-designing technology around the needs of clinicians and the public, inside a health and social care delivery system, "providing real solutions to real problems" - an approach at which Cohesion excels.

Also taking part was Karen Hogg, Consultant Cardiologist at Glasgow's Royal Infirmary, who spoke about the development of our software solution for Heart Function and Supportive Care and praised Cohesion's way of working, which ensures that clinicians get the software that they need.

Euan Cameron spoke of his vision for the future of healthcare in which technology and data analytics will play key roles, streamlining processes, generating efficiencies and informing treatment options and resource allocation.

Cohesion intend to revolutionise health and social care systems, making them more efficient, person-centred and collaborative.  We are currently developing solutions in the fields of dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, cancer and dementia, intending to revolutionise health and social care systems to enable truly person-centred care.

The producton will be shown on Sky Business News innovation series around Easter.





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