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March 31, 2015 - Revolutionising the Out-Patients Experience - DHI Event

Cohesion Medical attends Revolutionising the Out-Patients Experience

The Digital Health Institute (DHI) organised the Revolutionising the Out-Patients Experience at the Ratho International Climbing Arena on 30-31st March 2015.


Euan Cameron, Founder and CEO of Cohesion Medical, attended the event along with over 100 participants gathered to brainstorm the problems and solutions regarding better service design of the Out Patients Department from the patient perspective.


Assisted by students from the Glasgow School of Art, a variety of workshops and sessions were conducted which brought together Health Care Professionals, Service Managers and Patients to discuss the challenges facing NHS Scotland.


A recurring theme of the event was the need for clearer definition of the problems of delivery and the integration of existing systems within one coherent solution. This is a challenge that Cohesion Medical has addressed with its Connected Digital Health solutions and can offer to NHS Scotland.


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