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March 3, 2016 - Cohesion Medical - DHI Health & Social Care Integration

Cohesion Medical took part in the Digital Health Institute's (DHI) Health and Social Care Integration in Scotland conference.

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Cohesion Medical attended the Digital Health Institute (DHI) Conference on the Health and Social Care Integration in Scotland at the DHI offices on 3rd March 2016.


The Conference provided a platform for NHS Scotland, academics, third sector and industry leaders to discuss the issues around Health & Social Care Integration.


A key area for discussion was the high costs of hospital services in secondary care and the need for more improved care at home and in the social community.


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Euan Cameron, CEO and Founder of Cohesion Medical, highlighted the need for citizen-centred data-driven services architecture and the need for improved user-centred approaches to the design of these services.


User experiences and service design were key topics of discussion throughout the Conference.


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Cohesion Medical would like to thank the DHI for their hospitality and organising this Conference.











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