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September 7, 2016 - Cohesion Medical Dementia in an Island Community

Life Changes Trust 2


Tiree Teaches Lessons About Dementia in an Island Community


The Cohesion Team visited Tiree last weekend to take part in the Tiree Ultramarathon and to learn about the challenges facing people with dementia and their carers in an island setting, as part of our Life Changes Trust funded project.

The visit was a great learning experience for us as we continue to discover the myriad challenges associated with living with dementia and try to capture the voices of people with real lived experience of the condition.


We're learning that while dementia creates similar challenges for many, every experience is different, due to the myriad ways in which it presents and the individual circumstances of those affected.


Tiree beach


Our thanks to those who took part in our research and to the people of Tiree for a great weekend. While we were there, two Cohesion team members took part in the Ultramarathon, raising money for skin cancer charity MASScot along the way and getting sore legs for their efforts.


Next, we're off to Vocal in Edinburgh to speak to a group of carers about their experiences and following that we'll be going to Helmsdale in Sutherland to visit their Dementia Friendly Community, where we will learn more lessons about dementia in a rural setting.




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