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September 7, 2016 - Cohesion Medical Fourth Connected Caring Communities Workshop


Carers voices matter at VOCAL

VOCAL in Edinburgh was the destination for our fourth workshop this week, where we spoke exclusively to carers about their experiences of caring for family members with dementia.

This was a truly interesting and informative session and we learned much about the practical and emotional challenges people face when negotiating the social care system while caring for a loved one.

We also heard about the daily challenges people face when trying to coordinate social care and the problems that systemic inflexibility can cause when living with an unpredictable condition.

Carers told us of the value of having some time to themselves and the changes to their social life and social activities since diagnosis, including how difficult social situations can be when a person has trouble communicating.

There were also some great ideas on technologies that would help carers that Cohesion will be considering as we move forward.


vocal 2


Cohesion would like to thank the carers we spoke to for giving us some of their precious time to assist us with our research and VOCAL for agreeing to take part in the workshop.















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