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December 13, 2016 - Cohesion Medical Fourth Connected Caring Communities Workshop


Cohesion Attends  Travelling with Dementia conference

On Wednesday 7th December, the Cohesion team attended Upstream's first conference at Edinburgh Festival Theatre.

Upstream are funded by the Life Changes Trust  for their "Travelling Well with Dementia" project.

The conference provided us with a chance to increase our knowledge about the challenges of travelling with dementia.

There were speakers from Gatwick Airport, who presented their newly implemented service that supports people with a hidden disability to communicate "I might need a little help" by wearing a green lanyard.  There were also speakers from Network Rail, speaking about their inclusive design strategy and Transport Scotland presented on the development of Scotland Accessible Travel Framework.

We also heard from people with dementia, who told personal stories about how travelling and driving effects them.

It was very interesting to hear more about how travel affects people with dementia. Upstream's next steps are to review the insights they gathered and to present their finding and recommendations for further action.







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