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August 17, 2016 - Cohesion Medical Cohesion Staff Visit Domus 'dementia' Room

Cohesion Medical Staff Learn About Difficulties of Living With Dementia


Gemma experiences restricted vision


Cohesion staff were off to the Domus Room at the University of the West of Scotland yesterday to experience first-hand some of the difficulties people with dementia experience on a daily basis.

Senior Lecturer, Margaret Brown, took us to a dedicated 'dementia' room used for training healthcare practitioners to understand difficulties with perception, mobility and sight.

It was a sobering experience for us, as we donned eyeglasses that imitate eyesight problems and weighted suits, then tried to carry out simple tasks.  We also visited a simulated ward where Margaret pointed out small changes to the environment that can make a massive difference to welfare of people with dementia.

Cohesion Medical has been funded by the Life Changes Trust to carry out research to better understand how technology could support people with dementia and their carers.  We are conducting workshops with established dementia support groups across Scotland, to hear the voices of people with dementia, listen to their personal journeys and ensure their views and experiences help form future technological innovations.



We left with a much better understanding of the barriers to communication and daily challenges that people with this devastating condition face and much to think about while we consider the changes we will make to how we approach our next workshop.

Cohesion Medical would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Margaret Brown for taking the time to share her knowledge and experience with us.




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